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Purchase ebooks direct from Crabtree

Ebooks are an affordable option and offer flexibility for learning from school or home. Each title is in full color and viewable in any modern web browser. Easy keyword searching within each eBook allows for research that’s fast and effective for young readers. When you purchase Crabtree ebooks, you own them outright. And, best of all, there’s no subscription to renew!

Crabtree ebooks are full color and are Mac, Windows and iOS compatible.

Crabtree offers a multi-user ebook option that allows unlimited access to ebooks from home or within your school. This is a wonderful feature for teachers wanting ebook access for multiple students at one time from within the classroom or for outside access from home.

For District Level or Library System multi-user access, please contact us for a multi-user pricing option that’s right for you. Please note that Public Library systems must have an ebook contact server in place to order ebooks directly from Crabtree.

Click here to access the ebook order  form for a complete listing of available Crabtree ebook titles.

To order Crabtree ebooks, please fill in the required information in the order form along with your ebook selections. Indicate user status next to your book selections (single or standard multi-user option*). 

For District Level or Library System multi-user pricing, please contact us. Submit your order to customer service toll free (800) 387-7650 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, fax toll free (800) 355-7166 or email to

Marc records are also available upon request. Be sure to supply your library processing specifications, indicating cataloging style, software system and MARC format. Provide administrator’s email address for delivery of MARC records.

After purchase you will be sent instructions for accessing your ebooks. Students/patrons will have access to purchased ebooks using an administrator assigned username and password on Crabtree’s ebook portal.

*Note: Standard multi-user pricing option pertains to multiple user access to ebook products within a single location. For District level, multi-user indicates multiple user access shared across multiple school sites within a District. For Library Systems, multi-user indicates multiple user access shared across multiple library sites within a library system.

View an eBook sample by clicking on the link  Storybook Homes 

Purchase Crabtree ebooks on iBooks®

Select Crabtree ebooks are available for purchase on iBooks®
iBooks® lets you browse books and download them directly to your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. 

Purchase ebooks from your preferred supplier

Crabtree ebooks may be purchased from the following suppliers: