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The Renaissance Accelerated Reader® program makes it easy for teachers and librarians to motivate every student to dramatically increase literature-based reading practice through engaging quizzes and activities.  
  1. Student Reads a Book.
    Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace. Visit AR BookFinder to search for available titles.

  2. Student Takes a Quiz.
    Renaissance Accelerated Reader Enterprise offers more than 120,000 quizzes to help educators motivate and monitor students’ reading and vocabulary growth.

  3. Educators Get Information.
    Educators get immediate feedback on the reading and vocabulary progress of each student.

Customize your own Renaissance Accelerated Reader® disk of Crabtree Publishing titles by contacting Renaissance Learning!

For details go to Renaissance Learning's website or call 1-800-338-4204.

Disks require Renaissance Accelerated Reader® software which must be purchased separately. For details go to Renaissance Learning's website.

Crabtree’s Note About Readability Formulas

Leveling programs that use specially designed computer software, such as Renaissance Accelerated Reader and Scholastic Reading Counts, read the text of an entire book and determine the reading level based on the number of words, their difficulty, and the complexity of sentence structure. Educators have reported dissatisfaction with these readability formulas especially in the case of non-fiction books. Non-fiction books tend to be graded higher by these formulas than educators themselves would normally grade them because of difficult or technical terminology. Such programs make no allowance for difficult words being explained within the text or in the glossary of the book. Crabtree bases its reading levels on teachers’ actual experience with students at different grade levels.