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Crabtree has a growing list of free downloadable resources for teachers that are written by experienced educators and curriculum coordinators. Designed to meet the needs of classroom teachers, these helpful tools include downloadable Teacher’s Guides for many Crabtree Publishing series as well as downloadable Graphic Organizers.

Teacher's Guides

All downloadable Teacher’s Guides include:

  • Key curriculum correlations
  • Unit goals and objectives
  • Detailed teaching timetable to assist in planning
  • Vocabulary charts to introduce all subject-specific terminology
  • Comprehensive lesson plans with modifications to meet the needs of all students
  • Blackline masters
  • Assessment guides and rubrics

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Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are powerful tools to support content-area literacy in the classroom. Graphic organizers help students construct meaning, organize information, and isolate key concepts. Our free graphic organizers can be used with Crabtree books to facilitate content-area instruction, reading comprehension, and writing and note-taking skills.

View our free graphic organizers

Leveled Reading

Educators are making use of a number of different programs designed to determine the reading level of a particular book so that they can match them to their students’ reading levels. View Reading Levels & Programs Chart. Crabtree Publishing is participating in a number of these innovative programs:

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