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  • Bobbie Kalman's Message Fall 2020

    by Crabtree Books | Jul 13, 2020
    Teaching Children How to Deal with Today’s World is a New Challenge.
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  • Attitude of Gratitude

    by Crabtree Books | Oct 30, 2019
    42 years writing hundreds of books has been a kind, mindful,and happy time, for which I am grateful!
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  • Bobbie's Message Spring 2019

    by Crabtree Books | Feb 12, 2019
    Having been an author of approximately 50 series and 1,000 books over 41 years, I can't help but reminisce about the past, especially the books I wrote about history.
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  • Bobbie's Message Fall 2018

    by Crabtree Books | Jul 09, 2018
    I regularly ask myself “What will I write next?” This year I added eight more books to the My World reading series.
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  • Bobbie's Message Fall 2017

    by Crabtree Books | Aug 02, 2017
    As educators, we know that each child is unique and has his or her own learning style.
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  • Bobbie's Message 2017

    by Crabtree Books | Mar 20, 2017
    Although I've been an author for 40 years, I think of myself mainly as a teacher and am constantly looking for new ways to stimulate young minds through my books.
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  • Bobbie Kalman's Message 2016

    by Crabtree Books | Sep 07, 2016
    Sixty years ago this fall, I was a refugee from the Hungarian Revolution. Approximately 200,000 of us escaped into Austria in 1956. Our trip across the border was scary and took the whole night.
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  • Recommended Titles for Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

    by Crabtree Books | Nov 06, 2015
    Crabtree has an extensive collection of titles that are ideal for supporting history and social studies curriculum regarding World Wars I and II.
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